General terms & conditions

Article 1 - Definitions 

In these terms and conditions the following terms shall have the following meaning: 
1. Company: the private limited company CHIIIQ and it´s branches; 
2. Consumer: the natural person who does not act in the course of a profession or a business and concludes a non-face-to-face agreement with the company; 
3. Non-face-to-face agreement: an agreement in which one or more technologies are exclusively used for remote communication up to and including the concluding of the agreement in the context of a system organized by the company for the remote sale of products; 
4. Remote communication technology: a tool that can be used to conclude an agreement without consumer and company meeting one another in the same room; 
5. Website: the website of the company is accessible via;
6. Reflection period: the period of time in which the consumer can use his right of withdrawal; 
7. Right of withdrawal: the possibility for the consumer to remotely terminate the agreement during the reflection period, without stating reasons;
8. Day: calendar day; 
9. Sustainable data carrier: every means that enables the consumer or company to save information that is addressed to it personally in a manner that makes possible future consultation and unaltered reproduction of the saved information.

Article 2 - Identity of the company
The Netherlands
E-mail address: 
Chamber of Commerce Netherlands: 67457312
VAT number: NL857002910B01

Article 3 – Applicability 

1. These general terms and conditions apply to every offer of the company and every non-face-to-face agreement that was concluded between company and consumer. The company designed its website in such a manner that the placing of an order and the payment of ordered products cannot take place until the consumer has been able to take cognizance of these general terms and conditions and has agreed to the applicability thereof. 

Article 4 – The offer 

1. All products that the company offers for sale through its website are offered subject to the condition that the products are in stock with the company. 
2. All products that are offered for sale by the company through its website are offered subject to the condition that delivery can take place by our shipping courier. 
3. The company strives to remove from its website any products that are no longer in stock with due speed, however, it cannot guarantee that offered products are also actually in stock. 
4. In case an offer has a limited period of validity or occurs subject to conditions, this will expressly be stated in the offer. 
5. All products are provided with a description and one or several pictures in which the description and the pictures together provide a sufficiently detailed and truthful image of the products, enabling the consumer to properly assess the offer. 
6. Apparent mistakes or errors in the offer do not bind the company. 
7. The stated prices always include (all) tax(es). 

Article 5 – The formation of the agreement 

1. The agreement is formed the moment the consumer accepts the offer and complies with the conditions that apply in that respect. 
2. In case the consumer has accepted the offer electronically, the company immediately confirms receipt of the acceptance of the offer by means of an e-mail message.
3.In case the agreement is realized electronically, the company takes the fitting technical and organisational measures for the security of the electronic transfer of data and takes care of a safe web area. In case the consumer is able to make electronic payments, the company will observe the applicable safety measures. 

Article 6 - Payment 

1. Insofar as not agreed upon otherwise, the amounts owed by the consumer shall in any case be paid at checkout of the product(s). 
2. The consumer has the obligation to immediately report any inaccuracies in provided or stated payment details to the company. 
3. In case of payment failure by the consumer, the company has the right to cancel the order. 
4. The receipt of the payment is confirmed to the consumer by e-mail.
5. Payment can take place via the payment gateways provided on the website, being Paypal and through which all other payment methods available. 

Article 7 – Delivery and performance 

1. The company will observe the utmost care upon receiving and carrying out the orders of products. 
2. The dispatch of products will occur through Fedex or another shipping courier, all this at the discretion of the company and provided Fedex ships to the address specified by the consumer.
3. For shipment throughout the world, no (shipping or transport) costs are charged. 
4. As soon as the products are sent, the consumer is informed by e-mail. In this e-mail the consumer is provided with a so-called ‘track and trace’ code. 
5. The place of delivery shall be the address that the consumer provided to the company. 
6. The company strives to send the products within 2 working days after acceptance of the order, but guarantees that the order will be shipped within 5 working days at the latest, unless a longer delivery period was agreed upon. In case delivery is delayed or in case an order cannot be carried out, or only partially, the consumer receives a notification thereof one 5 days after the placing of the order at the latest. In that case the consumer has the right to terminate the agreement without costs. 
7. In case of termination in conformity with the preceding paragraph, the company shall pay back the amount paid by the consumer as soon as possible, aiming at 1 to 3 working days, however, within 14 days after termination at the latest, provided the payment method used allows us to pay back the amount within these timings.
8. The risk of damage and/or loss of products lies with the company until the moment of delivery to the consumer, unless expressly agreed upon otherwise.

Article 8 – Right of withdrawal 

1. During fourteen calendar days, the consumer has the possibility to terminate the agreement without stating reasons. This period starts on the day of receipt of the product by or on behalf of the consumer. 
2. In case the consumer uses his right of withdrawal, he shall return the product to the company with all delivered accessories and in the original state - with all tags, labels and packaging - as soon as possible, however, in any case within 14 days after the termination and in conformity with the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the company.
3. During the period that the consumer has the product in his possession, he shall handle the product and the packaging with care. 
4. The consumer will only unpack and use the product to such a degree insofar that is necessary to assess whether he desires to keep the product. In case the purchased product concerns shoes, the consumer is obliged to fit these on a soft subsoil so that the soles will not show any signs of use. If the product is provided with a ‘tag’ or label, these may not be removed.
5. In the case that the return shipment requires pickup or the payment of any added fees, the company reserves the right to refuse returns sent with a different courier than agreed with consumer

Article 9 - Return

1. In case the consumer uses his right of withdrawal, the costs of return are for his/her account, including import taxes or any other shipping fees applicable. 
2. The consumer undertakes to observe the instructions with regard to the return that are to be reasonably provided by the company.
3. Refunds will be processed as soon as returned items have been checked and accepted by the company.
4. The company commits itself to pay back the paid purchase price (minus the costs of return) as soon as possible, aiming at 1 to 3 working days, however, within 14 days after return at the latest, provided the payment method used allows us to pay back the amount within these timings. 
5. The consumer using his right of withdrawal should return the products in conformity with the instructions provided by the company.
6. Items should be packed carefully to prevent damages during shipping, preferably in the same package it arrived with the consumer.
7. The package may only be shipped with tracking code which should be provided to the company. Any damage or loss during shipping is not the responsibility of the company.
8. The consumer needs to make sure the items are in the same condition it was received, with all tags and seals still attached.
9. If the company determines that the returned product is worn and/or used, the company will not pay back the purchase price but instead consult the consumer within 14 days after receiving the returned product.
10. Swimwear (bikini bottoms, swim shorts or briefs) and intimate apparel (briefs, boxers) must be tried on over underwear. Items that have any sign of use or wear will not be refunded to the consumer.
11. Refunds will be issued in the same currency as the original purchase. Any differences in the amount refunded are due to exchange rate fluctuations and will not be reimbursed.

    Article 10 – The price 

    1. In case an offer has a limited term of validity, the prices of the offered products are not changed, except for price changes as a consequence of changes to VAT rates. 
    2. In case no validity period is stated, the company can change the prices of the offered products at all times. 
    3. In case a price increase is implemented on the day on which an order is placed, the lower price applies. In case a price reduction is implemented on the day on which an order is placed, the lower price applies as well.
    4. CET timings apply to the above when considering the start and end of a day.

    Article 11 – Conformity and Guarantee 

    1. The company guarantees that the products shall comply with the agreement, the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and/or usefulness and the legal provisions and/or government regulations existing on the date of the realization of the agreement. 
    2. The consumer can no longer invoke the guarantee of paragraph 1 after the expiry of the right of withdrawal period. 
    3. A settlement offered by the company, manufacturer or importer as a guarantee does not affect the rights and claims that the consumer can apply on the basis of the law and/or the non-face-to-face agreement with regard to a shortcoming in the observance of the obligations of the company vis-à-vis the company. 

    Article 12 – Complaints procedure 

    1. Complaints about the performance of the agreement shall be submitted to the company with a complete and clear description, preferably in writing or by e-mail within a reasonable time after the consumer stated the complaint(s). 
    2. Complaints submitted to the company will be answered within a term of 14 days as from the date of delivery. If a complaint requires a foreseeable longer processing time, the company will answer within the period of 14 days with a message of receipt and an indication when the consumer can expect a more elaborate answer. 

    Article 13 – Applicable law and choice of forum 

    1. All disputes arising from or related to an offer or agreement to which these general terms and conditions apply, are subject to Dutch law and European regulations. 
    2. All disputes will be submitted to the competent court in The Hague which has absolute jurisdiction, to the exclusion of all other Courts.